Dinner With…

Walking into Christian Siriano’s Chelsea apartment is truly an antique lover’s dream. When we decided to be flies on the wall for a weekday dinner with the fashion designer and his fiancé – music producer and singer Brad Walsh – we had no idea of the vintage paradise we were stumbling into. Forgetting all things fashion for a moment, we couldn’t really believe how Siriano and Walsh had created a country-kind-of-home smack in the middle of Manhattan; it’s not an easy feat. What’s more, everything from the dachshund named Bear, to Walsh’s open air loft studio upstairs, to the 11 foot tall mirror the duo fished out of the back of a store in Brooklyn invoked some serious NYC real estate envy (come on, can you blame us?). And as if that wasn’t enough, upon our house tour, the couple told us all about the Danbury home they’d recently purchased and are in the midst of renovating with some serious TLC; follow up piece anyone?

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But we didn’t come to Siriano and Walsh’s home just to gawk at the skylights; we came for dinner – which is exactly what we got. While Walsh chopped tomatoes and made a dressing he’d pilfered from friend Kristen Johnston (the hilarious/talented actress you might know as the ‘I’m so bored I could die’ girl on Sex and The City), Siriano chatted and sketched at the dinner table, periodically popping in to taste Walsh’s work.

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Our favorite parts included hearing about the couple’s recent engagement last summer, their plans for a spring wedding (probably next year; stay tuned) and the story of how they met seven years ago. Walsh was shooting Siriano for Gawker and their first date was a playgirl calendar release party where everyone wore Santa Hats ensconced in male genitalia; is there any other kind?

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The two finally sat down, and the menu included an incredible smelling vegetarian sausage orecchiette (Walsh is a vegetarian, Siriano isn’t but sometimes is for Walsh’s sake), and a country salad with grape tomatoes, pine nuts and a homemade dressing so delicious yet simple to make. It was a picture perfect Wednesday night and post-dinner we all retired to the living room for a delicious fruit tart from Garden of Eden. The dogs snuggled up, Walsh and Siriano regaled fashion week stories (Walsh does the music for Siriano’s shows), and we tried to figure out how long we could recline on the couch without overstaying our welcome…Don’t worry, we left eventually.

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*For the recipe for Brad & Christian’s Vegetarian Orecchiette, Click Here

*Christian Siriano and Brad Walsh, photographed in New York City by Danielle Kosann.