PureWow’s Mary Kate McGrath

Mary Kate McGrath – editor-in-chief of PureWow – is one of those foodie publishing gurus who’s graced mastheads like Real Simple, Food Network Magazine and Instyle. Putting out the very best on PureWow for her readers  (content that spans a variety of industries), McGrath must need food fuel throughout the day to keep things going in the office. That’s why we were flies on the wall for all things snacking and lunch at PureWow; get ready to catch some of that mid-morning hunger…

mary-kate-mcgrath-food-network-magazine mary-kate-mcgrath-editor mary-kate-mcgrath-instyle

Breakfast: Bantam Bagels for a staff meeting, lattes all-around (except for our Managing Editor, who is the object of the coffee cart guy’s affection and can’t walk by his cart without getting handed a street coffee). Secretly, though, my favorite breakfast is two eggs over easy, rye toast – with tons of butter – and coffee at a greasy diner with my son, Jackson.

mary-kate-mcgrath-diet mary-kate-mcgrath-editor-in-chief


Out: With a PR or editor friend at ilili. Share everything: Hummus, grilled chicken and the most amazing brussels sprouts in New York City right now.

Out (Option 2): Sit with my emails and an Eataly tuna sandwich. Everyone thinks that Eataly is all proscuitto and mozzarella but this sandwich is their best and has neither. They make it with this caper mayo that should be illegal. It’s so good, that it often sells out before I get there. I’m often devastated.

mary-kate-mcgrath-purewow mary-kate-mcgrath-real-simple

In: Lunch date in the conference room with my laptop and sushi or Sweetgreen.

Snacks: A walking meeting with PureWow’s CEO Ryan and Sweetgreen fro-yo. Or, ordering in a round of KOJs (Kings of the Jungle smoothies – Kale, Banana, Almond Milk) from Blue Dog Kitchen.

*Mary Kate McGrath, photographed in the PureWow offices by Danielle Kosann. Mary Kate wears CCH Collection Pants, Miu Miu Blouse and Zara Shoes.