Le Grand Véfour

Recommended by : Joshua Boissy (Co-Owner/Director of Operations, Maison Premiere), Aurelie Bidermann (Jewelry Designer), Thalia (Singer)

Cuisine:French. Price: $$$. Location: .

As the first grand restaurant in Paris, Le Grand Véfour epitomizes Parisian luxury and serves only the best of French gourmet.  Large mirrors in gilded frames deck the walls of the incredibly ornate neoclassical dining room, where Maison Premiere’s Josh Boissy would sit for a four hour lunch with Champagne and some Burgundy”.

“I’m in love with Le Grand Véfour, located in the heart of Paris, next to the Gardens of the ‘Palais Royal.’ There are amazing paintings on the walls and incredible fresco on the ceiling. I like to go to this place for a birthday or a special occasion. My favorite item on the menu is the corned beef hash.” – Aurelie Bidermann (Jewelry Designer)