Whitney Port

There’s a girl crush alert we have to put on your radar this week, and that’s the lovely Whitney Port. We recently spent a little time with Port in her gorgeous home in Venice Beach; it’s bound to produce unhealthy jealousy among Manhattanites (this time of year we all have a little rage in us).

Turns out, not only is Port a fashion designer (her playful line Whitney Eve is one we recently discovered and are loving) but she’s a baker as well. Naturally, she baked us up some sweet and savory grilled cheese. Check out the shoot, read lifestyle tidbits from Port, and of course get the recipe

Describe your ideal food day from start to finish…

My ideal food day would probably be a little gluttonous. If I was really going for it, I would have buttermilk pancakes or french toast for breakfast with a cappucino and berries. For lunch, I would have a toasted veggie sandwich with some Pirates Booty on the side. For dinner, I would have steak, french fries, arugula and parmesan salad and fro-yo for dessert! But, that is not what I eat on a regular basis. My usual day is a banana, greek yogurt and cappucino for breakfast, chopped salad for lunch, juice as a snack, and some sort of chicken/steak and vegetable dish with a piece of white or dark chocolate for dessert.

How do you practice good skincare from the inside out? 

I drink pressed juices, eat a lot of greens, wash my face every morning and evening, and use a toner, moisturizer and oils. I use an exfoliating scrub twice a week and a mask once a week.

What’s your beauty regimen in the morning and at night?

In the morning, I shower and wash with Panthenol cleanser, which I leave on while in shower. I tone with a moisturizing toner, put on eye cream and then mix a tinted moisturizer in with my day cream. At night, I wash with a Panthenol cleanser, and on a cotton pad, I put salicylic acid and graze over my face, then do the same with a moisture toner. Then I put on my night cream, along with an oil of some kind. Then I put Lucas Papaw ointment on my lips.

In light of the recent engagement, can you give us any wedding hints for what you’re planning?

Ah! We don’t have any plans set in stone yet, but will get married by the end of this year. It will probably be a destination wedding.

Advice for the newly engaged woman…

Take it slow, be patient with others opinions, and stay true yourself.

What would your last meal be? Who would it be with?

It would be with my fiancé Timmy at a steakhouse – or a chicken basket from the Country Mart in Brentwood.

How do you start your day on a good note?

I give Timmy a hug and a kiss, eat a banana and then go break a sweat! I always need my Coffee Bean coffee after.

What catches your eye on every menu?

Fried calamari, caramel budinos, any kind of steak, flatbreads, Moscow Mules or a cucumber cocktail!

What are your favorite places to travel to? What won’t you travel without?

I love Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. I love Osage Beach, Missouri where my family has a lake  house. I couldn’t travel without all of my toiletries. I am religious about my skincare regiment.

What ingredient in baking do you consider overrated?

Orange zest! I can’t stand it.

What ingredient in baking are you convinced makes everything better?


Your afternoon snack…

Coconut chunks from Whole Foods, trail mix packs from Trader Joe’s, or juices.

What’s always in your fridge?

Apples, hummus, dark chocolate, white chocolate, coconut water, gatorade, ginger ale, greek yogurt, and berries.

What’s always in your bag?

Snacks! I am loving the Luna protein bars right now. Also, my little makeup bag with hand cream, Lucas Papaw, protein mist for my face, and tylenol.

If you could switch closets with one person in the world, who would it be?


What would your dream kitchen look like? 

White marble, bronzed faucets, and Yolanda Foster’s [from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills] vegetable and fruit fridge!

Your go-to recipe for eating in…

Balsamic marinated flank steak, roasted carrots, and arugula and parmesan salad.

What are your favorite cities for food? Where do you go in each?

Los Angeles: Café 50’s for breakfast, Gjelina, Rockenwagner Bakery, Axe, Huckleberry, Reddi Chick at Brentwood Country Mart, Café Vida, Taverna Tony, Xi’an, A Votre Sante, Pizzeria Mozza, Il Piccolino, and Terroni.

New York City: Locanda Verde, Minetta Tavern, Café Cluny, Ouest, and Clinton Street Baking Company.

if you could have a dinner party with five people, living or dead, who would be there? What would you bake?

It would be my fiancé, my father who passed this year and my mom. I would say my whole family just with my dad but that is a lot of people – I am one of five kids. I would bake my dad’s favorite dessert: my mom’s chocolate bundt cake with Haagen Daz ice cream.


*Whitney Port, photographed in Venice, California by Danielle Kosann. Whitney wears a Whitney Eve top and pants, and Valentino Shoes.