Emma Hearst & Sarah Krathen

You know we’re all about sisters in business together…and though they’re not technically sisters, we couldn’t resist profiling Emma Hearst and Sarah Krathen, the stylish duo (best friends who met in culinary school) behind New York’s Italian-inspired neighborhood restaurant, Sorella [Italian for sister]. We may keep it in the family and run a website together, but being in the restaurant business with your best friend may just be a whole different ball game. See what they have to say about it…


Describe your ideal food day?

Light nutritious foods that give me lots of energy throughout the day.

What’s your drink?

It used to be vodka, but I think I drank too much of it living in New York City and now even a sip will get me hungover. I haven’t been drinking much hard alcohol lately, but when I do it is always tequila with soda water and lots of lime. And I love a good wine in any shade and a cold beer too.

What would your last meal be? 

Pink champagne, caviar service and warm Madeleines.

How do you start your day? 

Checking out the ocean and drinking tea (every once in a while coffee) and a raw vegan smoothie with my boyfriend John and dog Lola.

Favorite place to travel for food? 

New York City

What ingredient do you consider overrated? 


What ingredient are you convinced makes everything better? 

Love and care.

Your afternoon snack… 

Raw cashews

What’s always in your fridge? 

Lots of fresh vegetables and herbs.

Favorite night of the week, and why? 

Any night that I can watch the sunset and cook a wonderful dinner with my boyfriend and pup.

What are your vices? 

Headstands…which really freak my dog out.

Take me through a typical night… 

Some nights I teach during the evening, but typically I work during the morning hours and my boyfriend gets home from work in the afternoon. We will plan dinner – maybe do something active like go in the ocean or on a hike – and then we eat. Maybe we’ll watch a little Bill Maher or Jon Stewart and then I will roughly sketch out my lessons for the next day. We are typically in bed by around 10:30pm and up around 6am.

In the same vein as “what is the new black,” what is the new potato? 

I’m not really sure…But I do love black – and potatoes.

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