TNP x Juice Generation

The wellness and health empire Juice Generation has come out with a book, 100 Recipes for Fresh Juices and Superfood Smoothies, to bring all the secrets of health and juicing into your homes. To celebrate, we collaborated  to feature a few of our favorite tastemakers who manage to balance a love for food and a healthy lifestyle. How do they manage to do it? We’re about to find out.

Following Chelsea Leyland is Zachary Lynd. Lynd happens to be an incredible restaurant designer who we first photographed at his food truck pop-up Turf with the gorgeous Kelly Framel. Lynd is another example of a young tastemaker that balances food and health seamlessly. How does he do it? Well, besides looking at the distracting photos (sorry ladies, he’s taken) read on and see…

What is your idea of an ideal, healthy food day?

What I eat makes a difference in how I feel about the day, both mentally and physically, so I look for my food day to nourish body, mind, and soul.

What’s your personal definition of good health?

When you look and feel great.

As someone who likes to cook and eat out, how do you balance being healthy and enjoying that aspect of your lifestyle?

There is no shrink in town that can do for me what a great meal does – or a really fun evening out with friends. It’s important that I do that to gather perspective or have a good laugh in the middle of it all. I try to use it, enjoy it, and not overindulge. I’m finding it easier as I get older and finding balance becomes more important all around.

What’s your personal fitness regimen?

I used to be very dedicated to Chelsea Piers where I really enjoy the off-beat stuff like flipping tires and swinging sledgehammers. It’s fun and builds many different muscles at once. This last year, I have had more time for passions like surfing and skating. My life is generally very active, so I just make sure that if I can’t make the gym, I’m at least doing something everyday, no matter how small.

How do you motivate yourself to work out consistently?

I keep it interesting and new – interchanging workouts with sports and outdoors. If I’m not feeling up to it I’ll do something lighter like a yoga class or stretching. The real key is not to think about it and just get your shoes on and get out of the house.

After an unhealthy stretch, how do you cleanse?

I’m addicted to the Russian bathhouses here and those get me back to even really fast. I can’t help but want to eat healthy after that and get a good nights rest.

What healthy ingredient can’t you live without?

Fresh herbs.

What is in your perfect homemade smoothie or juice?

One with a little shot of apple cider vinegar tossed in. That’s my trick.

The healthy go-to recipe you couldn’t live without…

I’ve been making a vietnamese soup that I picked up while traveling there and it’s just so good. The broth and fresh herbs feel so healthy and it takes me back to the places I visited. It’s become that body, mind and soul fix lately – and is perfect for winter nights in New York.

The key to a healthy, balanced lifestyle is: 

Make it fun and make it your own. Find the little practices that make a difference in how you think, feel and look.

*Zachary Lynd, photographed in Chinatown by Danielle Kosann

*Part 3 of a sponsored series celebrating the publication of Juice Generation’s new book, 100 Recipes for Fresh Juices and Superfood Smoothies