Elizabeth Falkner

There’s a new restaurant causing a stir on the Upper West Side from fan-favorite chef Elizabeth Falkner. After tearing it up on The Next Iron Chef, Falkner stormed New York with Corvo Bianco – a (gorgeous) restaurant we couldn’t really resist shooting in. Plus, she’s just seriously a badass chef, so can you blame us? Check out her take on all things food…

What would be your ideal food day? 

Coffee, fresh juice, and toast for breakfast. Spicy soup or salad for lunch – or cheese and apples. Dinner would be salad and some pasta or a protein like fish or lamb with exciting seasonal flavors, wine and some chocolate for dessert.

How has competitive food TV changed since you started? 

I love the food competitions on TV and I think the public still does as well.

Your one piece of advice to young chefs…

Stay focused on bringing out the flavors of what you are cooking and don’t add too much more.

Your biggest priority every night at Corvo Bianco…

The biggest priority is to remain calm and organized and to make sure all the guests are enjoying their dining experience.

Something at Corvo Bianco that screams you

I continue to make dishes that are rooted in tradition but my have subtle nuances that are unexpected.

Your cocktail after a long night…

I love a French 75 made with gin and creme de violette or a Negroni.

How do you always start your day? 

I start my day with a cappuccino at home and walking my dog Hendrix after he eats his breakfast. Then, I do a workout at the gym or yoga or go for a run. Then, fresh juice.

What do you wish your diners knew…

Order things you have never had when you go out.

What are your favorite cities for food? Where do you go to in each?

New York is a great city for food, as is Brooklyn. I love many places though and love to travel to other countries and try the food.

What chef have you not been in the competitive arena with, that you’d like to go up against? 

Oh, I love a good game and would love to battle any of the Iron Chefs, whether I already have or not.

Who would you still like to work with, that you haven’t worked with yet? 

I would like to do a dinner with Jesus Nunez (and I think that I will soon). We want to do a dinner together.

In the same vein as “what is the new black,” what is the new potato? 

The new potato for me is a smoked potato. I love the flavor.

A go-to meal in under twenty minutes…

I can make a homemade pasta with a simple tomato sauce or pesto in twenty minutes. That usually works for me.

The perfect smoothie combination…

Banana, blood orange juice, flax seed and yogurt.

If you could have a dinner party with any five people, living or dead, who would be there? What would you cook? 

I would have Madonna, Martha Stewart, Hilary Clinton, Drew Barrymore and Susan Sarandon over (just seemed like a fun mix of people) or I would have my chef friends over. I would have to find out their dietary restrictions and then make a simple salad with arugula, nuts, lemon and olive oil, and a pasta dish maybe with saffron, fennel and bottarga, and a fish with a cauliflower or celery root puree and some gelato with fruits and a little chocolate.

*Elizabeth Falkner, photographed at Corvo Bianco by Danielle Kosann