Nadia G

nadia g's bitchin kitchen

There are many different kinds of chefs, but one rare type comes to mind this Monday morning – the ‘bad girl’ chef, aka Nadia G. (others may know her as Nadia Giosia). Host and creator of Cooking Channel’s show – Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen – Giosia educates on all things culinary in three-inch stilettos and black nail polish. Recently, Giosia shot a web series with ulive called Sick Kitchens With Nadia G – a design show centered on renovating your kitchen. We couldn’t help but hit up Giosia for her top ten tips for transforming one’s kitchen. P.S., We love her hard knocks and no nonsense honesty…

1. UpCycle: Turn that nasty-but-functional fridge into a work of art by painting it with blackboard paint. Remember to forgo the craptatstic “Buy Milk” doodles by finding some cool line art online, projecting your chosen image onto the fridge, and then tracing it with chalk.

2. DIY: Although some things are best left to the professionals (like brazilian butt lifts), there’s lots you can do own your own. Getting your hands dirty is not only super satisfying, but you also end up with one-of-a-kind decor.

3. DeClutter: Contrary to popular belief, empty wine bottles and nasty Wildwood magnets are not kitchen decor. Get rid of the cac, and make room for a few bold pieces that actually tie into your taste.

4. Get Creative: Doll head vases, baroque chairs – find conversation pieces that inspire you and use them in your kitchen. Apply the same creative effort as you would decorating your living room.

5. Personalize: Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine. Love heels? Showcase your favorite pairs in your buffet. Flower freak? Grab some Bloomtubes and create a beautiful bouquet on your fridge!

6. Be Bold: One of the biggest myths is that small spaces need to be whitewashed to feel airy. Good design is good design at any size, so get loud and proud.

7. Cabinet Hardware: Playing around with cabinet hardware is a great, easy way to make a statement. Try vintage crystal doorknobs, or bent utensils – think of it as jewelry for your kitchen.

8. Go With the Flow: Sure, a super-slick, ultra-modern white kitchen is beautiful, but not if you have hospital green appliances from the seventies. Work with what you have, not against it to prevent design tourettes.

9. Less is More: Do you really need five non-stick pans? Pare it down and create some space. If you haven’t used it in a few three months, lose it. (Same applies for boyfriends).

10. Don’t Be Afraid: Revamping your kitchen isn’t the commitment equivalent of getting a facial tattoo, so stop treating it that way! Be fearless, express yourself, and have some fun! If you ever get sick of your unicorn theme, guess what? You can change it up.

*Nadia G, photographed at The Breslin by Danielle Kosann