Marta Milans

Tonight, some badass women premiere on ABC’s screen in Killer Women, a show (produced by Sofia Vergara) surrounding a female Texas Ranger that hunts down lady killers. One of the gorgeous female leads on the show – Marta Milans – found time to hang with The New Potato before the show’s premiere tonight. We swooned even more upon finding out that she and her family make their own organic goat cheese, Santa Gadea, on a farm in Spain. No wonder she wanted her photo-shoot at BKLYN Larder (where they sell Santa Gadea). Turns out, Milans can’t live without Amorino gelato, but is not a fan of agave syrup…

Describe your ideal food day…

My Nespresso in the morning with some homemade poached eggs, avocado and extra virgin Spanish olive oil, followed by a light lunch of shredded kale with pine nuts and truffle oil for example, and a yummy dinner either at home or out and about. Dinner would be branzino with any kind of lovely vegetables. But, like they say in my country, “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper.” I try to follow those wise words.

What would your last meal be?

A gallon of Amorino Gelato mixed with liters and liters of nutella, and a couple of bars of Lindt white chocolate. I mean, simple and light, you know? Knowing I would not have to go the gym the next day, anything goes.

How do you start your day on a good note?

By sleeping more than seven hours and being able to go to a good Ashtanga yoga class to activate my day.

Can you describe your morning beauty routine?

A hot shower using my new favorite products from Rituals (they have this amazing body scrub and mandarin shower foam – so addictive!). Then a good toner and vitamin C serum (from Dr. Zein Obagi) and SPF, and I am good to go!

What catches your eye on every menu?

A good fish solidly but simply prepared and healthy vegetable side dishes. That’s what I will always go for – while I try to not stare at the dessert menu too much, that is.

What’s your drink?

A hearty and full-bodied glass of red wine or a well-prepared Kir Royal.

Your go-to on-set snack…

Raw almonds, berries and bananas. I cannot live without them.

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