New Year’s Resolutions Roundup

Lost on your resolutions? We are too. We don’t make them because we won’t keep them, but then we see everyone making resolutions and we want to be part of the party! That’s why we tapped all of our favorite tastemakers, asking for their personal resolutions for this year. We’re hoping they have more self-discipline than we do…


“I am vowing this year to have more fun and to laugh a lot! Word to the wise: For those that are setting some meaningful goals for themselves, it takes roughly thirty-five days to break yourself of a habit. And it’s dedicated, hard work!” – Adam Glassman (Creative Director, O Magazine)


“My resolution is read more books. I hadn’t been able to sit and read a lot since Luca was born and on our vacation got two done!” – Rebecca Minkoff (Fashion Designer)


“My New Year’s resolutions are usually pretty vain, like lose weight or work out more, but this year is different. I am starting my new business at Empire Diner and my goal is to get to know my neighbors and create a healthy, prosperous, creative work environment for my team! My goal is to be really generous in 2014! Happy New Year New Potato!” – Amanda Freitag (Restaurateur and Chef)


“To say yes to everything! (Legal).”Laura Brown (Executive Editor, Harper’s Bazaar)


“In 2014, I resolve not to die.”Leandra Medine (The Man Repeller)


“My New Year’s Resolution is to embrace the uninhibited self that I have within, party, play and explore the world further – go to even more off-the-beaten-path places. Also to give back.”Bryan Grey Yambao (Bryanboy)


“In 2014 I am determined to spend more time cuddling my dog, Liberace. He is getting very old and will not be around for too much longer. I already spend many hours each day cuddling old Lib, so in 2014 this will basically become a full time job.” – Simon Doonan (Creative Ambassador, Barneys New York)


“As much as I love NYC, my New Year resolution is to find a really warm place to live. After five years of dealing with brutal winters, I am ready for a change. It will be really sad to leave one of the finest cities in the world, but I need that Cali weather.” – Nate Appleman (Culinary Manager, Chipotle)


“I don’t do resolutions.”Aliza Licht (DKNY PR Girl)


“Put my phone down by 8pm on week nights.” Ariel Foxman (Editor-in-Chief, InStyle)


“Instead of some big crazy resolutions this year, I’m shooting for an under promise/over deliver strategy, aka smaller life tweaks: to read more/better books, take more walks, work on my writing, and just try not to freak out so much. I suppose if I could even conquer just that last one, it would have been a very good year.” – Christene Barberich (Editor-in-Chief, Refinery29)


“Learn to cook, take a vacation, and actually go to the gym.”Stephanie Mark (Co-Founder, The Coveteur)