Seafood Paella

spanish seafood paella recipe


2/3 cup Bomba Rice (5.25 oz)

20 oz lobster stock

1 tbsp Sofrito

1 tbsp Picada

6 Mussels (5 oz)

6 Clams (5 oz)

3 oz Monkfish (3.2 oz AP)

4 oz CLEAN Baby Squid

1 oz Sepia (1.5 oz AP)

2 oz Ruby Red Shrimp (2.5 oz AP)

2 tbsp Ajo y Perejil Sauce


In a Paella pan, sautee the diced cuttlefish

Add 1 tbsp of Sofrito, 1 tbsp of Picada

Add 20 oz of boiling lobster stock, bring to boil and add 2/3 cups rice. Cook for 5 minutes on high, 5 minutes on low and 5 minutes in the oven

Place the pan on the Plancha, drizzle with 1 tbsp of olive oil and cook for 1-2 minutes to make the socarrat

Once the Paella is on the plancha, steam the mussels and clams in white wine in a covered pot, until they open

Sear the squid, monkfish and shrimp on the plancha and place on top of the Paella

Add Ajo y Perejil Sauce on top (recipe below)

Serve with a spoon and lemon

Ajo y Perejil Sauce 


4 bunches of parsley

2 litres of olive oil

1/2 of a loaf of Stirato bread

25 cloves of garlic (6.25 oz)

salt to taste


Cube bread and fry at 375 until golden brown.

Peel Garlic.

De-stem parsley.

Take parsley, oil, garlic and bread and blend in vitaprep until thin.

Salt to taste

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