Churros con Chocolate

churros with cinnamon and chocolate sauce

Serves 5

1 Portion: 5 pieces of Churros, 2/8 cup of chocolate sauce, cinnamon sugar mix

Churros Dough

2 c. milk

2 oz. butter

1 c. all purpose flour

1 c. cake flour

2 eggs

1/4 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp. sugar

Bring milk and butter to simmer in a sauce pan over medium heat, add flour and cake mix. Cook for ten minutes mixing with a spatula until the flour is integrated in the milk and there are no lumps. Put mixture in blender and add eggs 1 by 1 at slowest speed possible. Put mixture in one pastry bag with a “star tip” metal star cone (#847). Squeeze dough into the fryer, or a deep pot with oil, making 13.5 cm churros and pre-fry at 325F, moving constantly. Line a cookie sheet with a grill and set churros on top to cool. Note: Churros must remain at room temperature after pre-frying.

Chocolate Sauce

1/4 gal. milk

1/4 pt. sugar

1/2 qt. dark chocolate dark (pieces not liquid)

3/4 Tbsp. cornstarch

Bring milk to boil with sugar. In a separate bowl, mix cornstarch with 1/2 tbsp of milk [part of the ¼ gallon]. Once smooth, incorporate into the boiling milk. Place the chocolate in a bowl and incorporate the milk into the chocolate little by little. Let cool. Reserve in quart containers.

Sugar Cinnamon Mix

1 1/8 tsp. of ground cinnamon

1/3 c. of white granulated sugar

Mix and set aside in quart containers.


25 Pre-fried churros

About 1/3 c. cinnamon sugar mix

2 qt. chocolate sauce

In deep fryer, fry churros for 30 seconds. Lift basket and let drain. If using a pot of oil, lift the churros out with a spider strainer and let drain over a paper towel. Pass churros through Cinnamon Sugar Mix. Heat the chocolate in the microwave and pour into containers (plate as pictured)

Note: In the case the chocolate is too thin boil on stove or in the microwave one more time.

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