The Top Ten Stories of 2013

2013, let’s talk about it. Miley Cyrus twerked, Instagram added video, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr split (insert sad face here), Laura Brown found her local and The New Potato got a facelift in a very big way. It’s been an incredible thrill ride, and we thank all you potato heads for joining us on it – have we mentioned you’re awesome? Peruse below for the top ten stories from 2013, and to 2014 – let’s just say minds are about to be blown in a very big way (so long as Miley doesn’t steal our thunder, and let’s admit it, she probably will).

michelle phan youtube

1. Michelle Phan – The YouTube beauty guru sensation sat down with TNP for a snack and a latte. She dished on everything from what character she still hopes to recreate with makeup to why she loves pho so much.

meghan markle suits

2. Meghan Markle – The shoot of all shoots, Suits‘ Meghan Markle charmed our potatoes off at ABC Kitchen. Turns out, she’s a bonafide¬†foodie.

adam richman fandemonium

3. Adam Richman – Richman took us on a trek around the US talking about his new show – Adam Richman’s Fandemonium. Turns out, those crazy American fans (that can sometimes be a lot to take) are the new “ones to watch.”


4. Nate Appleman – When else do you get to toss tomatillos with Chipotle’s Nate Appleman? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

top ten stories of 2013

5. Jessica Alba – We got the inside scoop on the actresses’ eating habits, LA mainstays and parental tips for feeding your kids. Ultimate Chic mom alert.

the man repeller

6. Leandra Medine – Leandra Medine (aka The Man Repeller), wowed us at Jack’s Wife Freda with somewhat acrobatic camera poses and a penchant for kale salad. We wish we could pull off a candy striper skirt.

karlie kloss model

7. Karlie Kloss – This model is also behind the Momofoku Milk Bar sensation Karlie’s Kookies, an indulgence we don’t have to feel so guilty about (they’re gluten free, dairy free, and any other kind of free you can think of). We got her recipe for Almond Milk Hot Chocolate as well as our own chance to snap photos of her; an easier shoot does not exist.


8. Jessica Seinfeld – We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we like to think that after we chilled in Jessica Seinfeld’s kitchen with her awesome espresso machine, we made a new best friend. A cooler, chicer, funnier tastemaker does not exist, and let’s just say that for a future Laura Brown finds her local video, the Upper West Side is now on our radar. Jessica, we’re talking to you!

eva chen tumblr

9. Eva Chen – Everything we learned in 2013 about life, we learned from Eva Chen. No, seriously. The Lucky Magazine Editor in Chief’s extensive two-part interview was an all time new potato favorite, and we (along with everybody else) know she is publishing’s next big icon.

tony goldwyn scandal

10. Tony GoldwynScandal week anyone? We don’t want to be arrogant, but we like to brag that we had a photo-shoot with the President of the United States at one of LA’s top restaurants. It was a matter of national security, as is Goldwyn’s steamy romance with Kerry Washington on Scandal. If you haven’t watched it, we just can’t explain it to you.