Eleni’s Cookies

What if you could take any piece of matter in the world, and turn it into a cookie? Cookie clouds, cookie iPads, cookie Miley Cyrus’…you get the jist. Eleni Gianopulos of Eleni’s Cookies does just that. The master baker delights sweet tooth’s nationwide with cookies in every shape and size. We felt though, through no fault of her own (making thousands upon thousands of artistic cookies is no easy task) that there were some shapes near and dear to our hearts that were missing from the mix. (We took the liberty of, um…”tailoring” some of the above photos…) Dear Eleni, here are our top five. Help!

The Scout Cookie: Scout is Laura’s Australian shepherd and TNP’s mascot. This should be a no brainer.

The Quilted Chanel Bag Cookie: We’re not getting the real one anytime soon, so please give us another way to consume it.

The Olivia Pope Cookie: Because yes, we think ABC’s Scandal fixer, Kerry Washington, deserves a sugary monument.

The Crawley Cookie: Downton Abbey premieres at the start of January and it’s about time a cookie was created for the Crawleys. We’re thinking a half and half situation representing upstairs/downstairs.

The New Potato Cookie: Small, portable, and made in lots of different bright colors, this is the collection we’re waiting on.

So what do you think Eleni? Can you create them? And more importantly New Potato heads, what do you want made as a cookie? Either way, Eleni gave us some tips below on what to bake for the holiday season. Who knows, maybe the finger foods she suggests to make for your cocktail party can be in the shape of controversial Duck Dynasty characters…

It’s the Holidays! What should we bake/put out for…

The cocktail party… “I like to serve simple finger foods. A cheese platter and herb flavored crackers are one of my favorites. I also like to incorporate some fun and festive small touches, like tiny snowflake shaped ginger cookies to dangle off every drink.”

The intimate dinner“Time permitting, I would take icons of the holidays and customize them to each guest that was attending my party.  I would create my friend Karl as Santa; using edible image film for his face and decorating the rest of the body with royal frosting. For Luisa, I would create a sassy Reindeer, with shiny high heels, pearls and a low cut dress. Everything, of course made in cookie, delicately placing each cookie as a place card for each of my guests, or as a take home holiday gift.”

The family dinner… “Color Me! Holiday cookies. I usually let my children take the different shapes and personalize them with each guests’ name, as a place card at the table. I also never forget to provide lots of Color Me! cookies and pens for the children’s table to enjoy.”

Christmas Morning… “Sugar drops. They are my favorite with either tea, champagne or both. Bite size, with tiny sugar crystals creating the perfect texture to pop in your mouth.”

Your Office Holiday Party… “Peppermint brownies, our classic crisp chocolate chip, and edible image cookies of each employee as a superhero.(Requires Photoshop!)”

A Casual Drop-By From Friends… “Chocolate chip cookies and decorative flower or butterfly cookies. This is a staple in our home. I love to pair the crisp thin chocolate chip with the elaborate decorations of a small butterfly.”

Your Kids and Their Friends… “Cookies and cupcakes. We are nut-free so I bring the newest greatest designs home to test on play dates. You can’t go wrong with Color Me! cookies.  They are my kids #1 choice. I think they feel that coloring the cookies gives them ownership of the cookies design!”

Your family’s airplane snacks for your holiday vacation.  Embarrassing to admit, I grab from cabinet last minute, it is inevitably a little bag of Cheerios or Pepperidge Farm Gold Fish.

*For Eleni’s Cookie Dough Recipe and to get her Cookie Decorating Tips, Click Here

*Photographed by Danielle Kosann