Michelle Phan

Makeup Guru and YouTube star Michelle Phan has become a legend in the digital industry – proving how young the internet age has allowed stars to be. When many of us were graduating high school, Michelle Phan was starting to put her beauty tutorials out on YouTube. When many of of us were graduating college, Michelle Phan was signing with Lancôme to be their exclusive video makeup artist.

This beauty guru changed the face of the web, producing the most incredible makeup tutorials online that range from mastering the basic smokey eye to recreating Game of Thrones characters in your living room. She’s now delved into her own cosmetics line – em cosmetics – that boasts products like “the life palette” whose categories include “love life” and “career life” – in other words, covering all of one’s basic beauty needs.

The best part? Phan’s a foodie at heart, as well as one of the sweetest, charming subjects we’ve had the pleasure of shooting. Also, she really bonded with our TNP mascot Scout (the Australian shepherd). We’re wondering when she’ll be doing that makeup tutorial?

What would be your ideal food day?

Vietnamese Coffee (cà phê đá)

Breakfast – A Vietnamese sizzling omelette (Bánh Xèo)

Lunch – A mean Vietnamese sandwich (Bánh Mi)

Dinner – A hearty bowl of Chicken pho (Pho Ga) loaded with half a bottle of sriracha sauce (half kidding). I like my food spicy!

What’s your drink?

Green tea everyday.

What’s the beauty routine you do every morning?

I clean my face with a wet cotton pad (I don’t use cleanser in the morning). After, I always use sunscreen (at least SPF 35) before using serums, moisturizers and makeup.

Ever snack while you-tubing? What do you snack on?

Seasoned seaweed. My favorite is from Korea and it’s called Gim.

What’s a favorite childhood recipe that you grew up with?

Grilled cheese. I would place a pat of butter on the pan and melt it, and toss a toasted slice of bread on it to soak in the butter (yes, healthy right?). Afterwards, turning the heat down a bit, I’d use slices of Kraft cheese to slowly melt the cheddar and top it off with the other toasted slice and voila! My favorite childhood snack!

What beauty products won’t you travel without?

Concealer. Unless I’m going on set for a zombie video.

What products are always inside your bathroom mirror?

I like to hide my secrets behind my mirror. Kidding. Cotton swabs, nail clippers, and all my essentials that I don’t want to misplace.

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