Happy Birthday Julia Roberts!

It’s Julia Roberts’ birthday today, and we thought in light of all our new girl crushes lately, we’d take a little time to celebrate one of our originals. Between referring to any sort of satisfying confrontation in our lives as our “Pretty Woman Moment,” or wishing we had a neighborhood joint like Mystic Pizza, or dreaming our block looked a tad more like the one in Notting Hill, we’re thinking Ms. Roberts has much more of an effect on our day-to-day lives than we thought.

When we move through her slew of movies over the past three decades, we get this warm, fuzzy nostalgic feeling inside. Roberts’ can’t be pegged as any one sort of woman; not the “girl next door,” nor the “seductress” nor the “power woman” but rather, a culmination of all these shades. She’s America’s sweetheart, which, ironically is the name of a movie she starred in once. Xoxo Julia – here’s to you! If we hadn’t covered your birthday it would have been a big mistake. Big. Huge.