Ariel Foxman

Okay, enough with these Editor-in-Chiefs; they simply make us feel disorganized, not together and woefully ineloquent. I mean, do they always have to be so quotable? They’re really making the rest of us look bad. That being said, we simply can’t get enough of them. Take InStyle’s Editor-in-Chief Ariel Foxman for instance; he manages to look dapper on an early morning in the Tuileries in Paris while also giving a phenomenal interview. Something must be done potatoes, the question is…what? In the meantime, let’s continue to swoon…We took a stroll through the Tuileries – in the midst of Paris Fashion Week – with Foxman and got some seriously amazing words of wisdom (We’re taking the high road, we suggest you do the same).

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

A traditional Turkish breakfast, a slice of Chocolate Babka, and an iced coffee, black.

Herring, smoked salmon, and a selection of cheeses from The Wolseley in London. Diet Coke, and a glass or two of Sancerre.

Soft-serve ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, mid-afternoon.

Really great maki, sushi, and soba noodles. A chilled éclair for dessert.

Where do you draw your inspiration and ideas from? How does that translate to InStyle?

I draw them from the countless letters we receive from readers. Every morning my assistant, Brooke, hands me this beat-up red folder of the emails we received overnight – how we’ve inspired them, what challenges they’d like us to tackle, all sorts of things. All of that gets baked right back into the brand.

What has InStyle done for celebrity fashion?

InStyle will celebrate its twentieth anniversary in 2014. It was the first magazine to run head-to-toe red-carpet photos consistently, complete with designer credits. Before InStyle there was no “Who are you wearing?” There was no pre-show before the major awards shows. There were no “celebrity” celebrity stylists. InStyle has always celebrated the glamour and magic of celebrity fashion and the ways in which it inspires us all to live our lives more stylishly every day.

If you could make one prediction about where publishing is headed, what would it be?

People will always crave great storytelling, truth in reporting, and solid advice predicated on expertise.

What do you love to read besides InStyle?

New York [Magazine], Harvard Business Review, Star.

What’s your after-work drink?

Sancerre. I do love a Dark and Stormy and a Gin and Tonic, but I never remember to order one.

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