Eva Chen

Our jaw-dropper this week just so happens to be Lucky Magazine’s new Editor-in-Chief, Eva Chen, the woman who has not just inspired us recently, but more accurately, all of America. Chen’s been brought on to change the face of Lucky Magazine, but the way she sees it, the DNA is right there for her to play with. She’s having a consistent “throwback” with Lucky, simply bringing it back to its roots. There’s a comfort to an Editor-in-Chief like this, who celebrates all things harmonious about both print and digital. We knew we loved print, but when Eva Chen says, [about magazines] “You want to tear it out; you want to feel it; you want to put the magazine close to your face…” we’re able to put into words just why we love it so much. It’s why digital and print do in fact mesh so well together. They’re the yin and yang of today’s world, and right now Chen is seriously the yin to The New Potato’s yang. Okay, you caught us – it’s another serious girl crush. We promise we’re going cold turkey right after Martha Stewart…whoops, did we say that?

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What are your favorite places to travel to? 

Paris is one of them. I love Shanghai and Hong Kong. Hong Kong is my spirit animal. I love the energy there; I love the shopping there. Oh my God, it’s amazing. Where else do I love? I love Palm Springs. I go to Palm Springs at least two times a year. It’s my retreat. I would very happily retire there like…six weeks ago! (laughs) I love that it’s sunny there 320 days of the year.

What won’t you travel without? 

People who follow me on Instagram know I travel with a mass skincare supply. I basically travel with a Sephora. I think traveling is a really great time to try new skincare products, because you’re sitting in a hotel room and you’re jet-lagged, so you’re awake in the middle of the night. So I always travel with tons of products. There is an oil from H. Gillerman Organics called Sleep Remedy. I’m sure it’s lavender and eighteen other essential oils; I always travel with that and douse it on my pillow before I go to sleep.

What’s your go-to airplane snack? 

I’m a big believer in B.Y.O.S. – bring your own snacks – because airplane food is really bad. So I usually go to Whole Foods before and buy snacks, like wasabi-dusted rice crackers and dried mango. Our fashion director, Alexis Bryan Morgan, always travels with fruit leathers, so now I always have to travel with fruit leathers. They’re delicious and a really good snack!

What’s your go-to airplane outfit? 

Paige Denim makes a pair of jeans called the ‘Jimmy Jimmy’ Boyfriend Jeans. They’re great because they’re basically like sweatpants. They’re also great because the sizing is really weird on them, so you’re eight sizes smaller than you normally are. I’m like, “Wow, I’m a size negative 56 – it’s great!” They’re so comfortable with just the right amount of stretch in them. You have to dress in layers on an airplane because you don’t know if you’re going to be boiling hot or freezing cold. A t-shirt from a brand called Pickwick & Weller is my new favorite; they’re based in Los Angeles. Then I usually wear a cashmere sweater and a big huge scarf. I have a leopard print one from Theodora and Callum that I really like. When I need to go to sleep, I’ll wrap it over my face like a turban and leave one slot for my nose so I can breathe. Then usually a leather moto jacket and Birkenstocks. I was traveling for awhile in my Balenciaga combat boots, but people don’t get them. TSA gets really freaked out when they see them. Bryan Boy told me that he got stopped in security with those boots and they took them away into security! That hasn’t happened to me yet.

What’s your go-to recipe on a night in? 

I don’t really cook. I used to. I went through a phase three years ago, when I made a New Year’s resolution (Every year I make a New Year’s resolution and I am super serious about it) to cook at least four nights a week. It was great; I just haven’t had as much time these days. Usually if I cook a meal, we’ll make a salad and then we’ll have some sort of steamed vegetable. Corn on the cob was in season all summer, so every night we’d have green market corn on the cob. Then fish – I’m a pescatarian –  and yummy mashed potatoes or rice. But I’m not a big cook.

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