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Has anyone else noticed the rising popularity of E! over the last half-decade or so? One could attribute much of this incline to its anchor – Giuliana Rancic – who lights up the scene of E! News, Fashion Police, every major awards show, and her Style Network reality show – Giuliana and Bill. Also a recent full-time Mom (as if Rancic weren’t gracefully juggling enough) she also launched an HSN line, G by Giuliana, in 2012 of all easy-to-wear pieces for women that won’t break the bank. Most importantly though, Rancic is originally from Naples, Italy, so, as she says, pasta is her blood type. Rancic is the first tastemaker to whom we asked the question: “What is the new potato?” in the same vein as “What is the new black?” It’s the new question we’ll be asking all of our tastemakers, because isn’t there a “new potato” in every industry? We dropped by The Empire Hotel over fashion week for a look at Rancic’s new HSN collection, and words on potatoes, pizza and pashminas..

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day? 

First thing in the morning I’d go to the diner. In New York, I’d probably go to Brooklyn Diner; they have Tony Bennett’s French Toast. You guys have to have Tony Bennett’s French Toast. It’s not really his french toast, but it’s named after him (laughs). You get it! It’s ridiculous. Every time Bill and I come into town to do The Today Show we go right after, because with The Today Show we want to look really cute, but then after we go pig out on french toast with powdered sugar, probably down our face! It is amazing. So I would go there first and have that with coffee. Midday I would probably have pizza; I love pizza. And then at night, I would have a big bowl of pasta. It’s really nothing different then usual. I had pizza yesterday and then I had pasta last night. I’m Italian and I eat a lot of pizza and pasta. When I start veering into different foods, that’s when I start feeling bloated and it doesn’t sit well with me. I can eat a lot of pasta, pizza and bread and it actually is fine for me. I think there is a lot of truth to the whole blood type diet! My blood type is pasta. And then I’d have dessert. Bill and I both have the biggest sweet tooth in the world. Last night we went to Lavo and had the Deep Fried Oreos [Oreo Zeppole]. We have to end the night with dessert.

What are some of your healthy routines? 

I used to work out a lot and then I stopped two months ago because I hurt my hip a little bit strolling the baby around the neighborhood. I stopped going to the gym and stopped working out, so now I just walk. I walk around the neighborhood or through the park. I haven’t been doing weights; I lost all of my muscle. It’s okay though, because I’m with the baby and I don’t want to take time out of the day to go to the gym or work out when I could be spending that time with him. So for now it’s working for me. I think because I’m not working out all the time, I’m not as starving and famished as I used to be. I feel very balanced. I have what I have and there’s no pressure to be like, “Oh, I worked out. I have to eat within thirty minutes!” Now I just kind of live my life, and I notice that I still weigh the same and look the same as I did when I was working out. I hope I’m not the poster child for “don’t work out,” but right now I’m taking a little break.

Can you tell us a bit about your new HSN collection? 

I launched my collection on HSN a year ago – not even – and it did really well that first year. It’s still doing really well. It was their biggest debut that year of a collection, which was super exciting. It’s all about giving women fashionable pieces that are totally affordable, that fit really well, and that have different functions. They can work during the day, in the middle of the day, and at night. They’re just easy pieces – nothing fussy, nothing annoying. You don’t need a slip and you don’t need to worry if your bra’s going to show. They are just very easy to wear, fashionable and fun.

What is The New Potato?

Blazers and jackets are the new pashmina and scarf. Forget the pashmina; leave the pashmina and scarf at home. If you notice around fashion week everyone and their sister doesn’t wear their jackets anymore. They drape it over their shoulders. It’s the new pashmina!

*Giuliana wears a skirt, top and jacket from her HSN Collection, G by Giuliana Rancic

*Giuliana Rancic, photographed at The Empire Hotel, by Danielle Kosann