Tom Verica

And so begins our trip this weekend to the backend of ABC’s Scandal. Did you ask yourself Thursday who directed that very thrilling season premiere? It was none other than Tom Verica, who’s also directed other favorite hit episodes like “The Trail,” “Seven-Fifty-Two” and “White Hats Back On.” Both a director and producer on the show, Verica has a true grasp on what this narrative is all about, and he’s also somewhat of a legend in Hollywood.

Verica’s an actor as well, and we discovered mid-shoot that he was the infamous “pediatrist” on Seinfeld years ago (something – as die-hard Seinfeld fans – we were a little too excited about). This was only a small part among many great ones, but it’s clear that Verica is a serious triple threat.

He took us to Barbrix for a shoot, where we all had a glass of wine and reveled in the indoor and outdoor space. We tried to get juicy tidbits on all the cast members but you know, directors never shoot and tell…

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

My ideal day would be Christmas Eve Day in which we celebrate the Feast of The Seven Fishes. It’s an Italian family tradition and my wife, who is an amazing cook, goes all out. I’d start off light in the morning with a bagel and coffee, then late morning a good bowl of fruit in preparation of what’s to come. Then, the feast starts around 4pm, which includes seven different dishes from appetizers to pasta to entrees, each containing some type of fish or seafood. For dessert, cappuccino, cannoli’s, pizzelles, and struffoli.

What’s your drink?

Chopin Vodka, rocks, two olives

What would your last meal be? Who would it be with? 

Anchovy pizza, sautéed spinach, a true Philly cheesesteak, a great bottle of wine, and finish with crème brulee and affigato. With my family.

How do you start your day on a good note?

With a good half hour run, and breakfast with my wife and kids.

What are your favorite places to travel to?

Anywhere in Italy, Paris, the Burgundy region of France where we were married, Iceland, and Thailand.

What won’t you travel without?

A sense of adventure and humor.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Classic films and great theatre.

Your go-to on set snack…

An apple and dark chocolates

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