Kate Burton

Was it just us, or did the Veep kill it on Scandal’s premiere last night? In all seriousness, Kate Burton’s Sally Langston suddenly became even more interesting; a call we predicted of course…

That’s why up today on Scandal Week is the crusader from the Right Wing who, needless to say, happens to be an icon in the acting world. Richard Burton’s daughter and entertainment legend Kate Burton is proof of ABC’s dedication to casting the very best. We love that a majority of the cast comes from the theater persuasion, and Burton has rocked all the different acting platforms. We sat down with her at her favorite neighborhood spot – Little Dom’s – and made sure not to talk politics. Sally can be a tough cookie…

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day? 

My ideal food day is a cup of coffee, apples and peanut butter for breakfast, followed by a cup of coffee and a Luna Bar mid-morning. Then, a ham, chicken or tunafish wrap for lunch with lettuce, tomato, and onion, and a cup of tea and some berries and nuts mid-afternoon. For dinner, pasta and salad or grilled fish, rice and vegetables. Perfect!

What’s different about playing the Vice President on Scandal from other parts you’ve played? 

The major difference in playing VP Sally Langston from other parts that I have played is that she is a devout woman and deeply Conservative.

The Scandal set is one of the happiest and convivial sets I have ever worked on. Every member of the cast and crew is a valued member of the team and we are led by the glorious Kerry Washington. It is a sheer delight to go to work.

Do you live tweet during the show? How do you think the cast tweets affect the show’s momentum? 

I do not live tweet, or tweet at all….I am not even on Facebook! I think the cast tweets are very important to the show’s momentum.

If there were certain Los Angeles spots Sally would be sure to be found in, what would they be? 

Sally would be found in LA at The Huntington Gardens, The Valley Hunt Club in Pasadena and The Bel Air Hotel in LA.

In playing the part of the Vice President, where do you draw inspiration? Do you look into past Vice Presidents? 

I draw my inspiration on playing Sally from Margaret Thatcher (I am a British national), Kay Bailey Hutchison, Elizabeth Dole and Olympia Snowe…all powerful and serious Conservative thinkers. And Michelle Bachman.

What’s the most shocking discovery you’ve made in all your time of playing that part? 

Having grown up in a free wheeling religious and Democratic household, the most shocking discovery I have made in playing Sally is that I can relate to her journey, her issues and her concerns. She genuinely thinks she is doing the right thing – and, by the way, she hasn’t had anyone “wacked”!

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