Tony Goldwyn

In playing the part of President, where do you draw inspiration? Do you look into past presidents? 

The two I mainly studied were Clinton and Obama.

What’s the most shocking discovery you’ve made in all your time of playing that part? 

That women would be so happy about an adulterous relationship!

What are some of your favorite Los Angeles food spots when shooting Scandal

Hiko Sushi, The Tower Bar, Salt Air, Son of a Gun, and Momed

What are some typical pre and post shoot routines? 

Pre-shoot: A work out at Equinox, then oatmeal and berries in the make-up trailer.

Post-shoot: Artichoke salad and pasta at Il Pastaio with a glass (or two) of Barolo.

What’s a typical lunch like on the set of Scandal?

We’re on our own most of the time (not catered unless we are on location), and I don’t like to eat much while I’m working, so maybe a salad or something from Café Gratitude.

Your go-to on set snack… 

Just some fruit. I mainly eat before and after work.

Most popular meal on-set among the cast… 

We like to order food trucks for the crew. We usually can’t indulge too heavily while we’re working.

If you could host a dinner party in the oval office, with any 5 people living or dead, who would be there? 

Martin Luther King Jr., Bill Clinton, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt and Queen Elizabeth I.

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*Tony Goldwyn, photographed at Il Pastaio by Danielle Kosann