Tony Goldwyn

It’s not every day you get to speak to the President of the United States on matters such as pasta and illicit love affairs, but I guess that’s one of the perks of being at The New Potato. Important people want to tell us real things; what can we say?

The dreamy Tony Goldwyn – who plays President Fitzgerald Grant on Scandal – is almost too perfect for his part (hate to be cliché but he reminds us a bit of JFK). When we lunched with him at LA hot spot Il Pastaio, we made sure the vicinity was clear, and were secretly waiting for Kerry Washington to drop by “coincidentally.” Yes, yes we know…it’s not real, but potatoes can dream can’t they? It was interesting that Bellamy Young (FLOTUS) chose to shoot on Melrose near West Hollywood, and Tony Goldwyn (POTUS) all the way in Beverly Hills…typical Mellie and Fitz. Okay, okay, we’re stopping…

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day? 

First order of business, STRONG black coffee. Ideally French roast, but I’m flexible. Then some fresh, organic blueberries with a little Greek yogurt, a lightly cooked egg white omelette with cremini mushrooms and gruyere cheese and a crispy, flaky, “real” croissant.

For lunch, I’d start with oysters and Sancerre at Huitrerie Régis in Paris, then go to Vito’s Deli in Hoboken for a fresh mozzarella and roasted pepper sandwich on semolina bread (fugettaboudit). Then on to City Bakery in Manhattan for a chocolate creme brûlée and a double espresso.

Dinner would be a tough call. I’m thinking omakase at Hiko Sushi in West LA (Nothing comes close). Dessert would have to be chocolate soufflé but who does that best? I’ll have to get back to you…

What’s different about playing the president on Scandal from other parts you’ve played? 

The great thing about playing Fitz is the contrast of dark and light in the character. I’ve played a lot of villains and more than a few upstanding guys, but Fitz is both at once. And he’s the freaking President of the United States!

Do you live tweet during the show? Who got you into Twitter? 

Live tweeting has been a huge part of Scandal’s success. I think it was Shonda and Kerry who came up with the idea, as both were way into Twitter (I was a Twilliterate). In any case, Shonda asked us to do it – and we do whatever Shonda asks!

How do you think the cast tweets affect the show’s momentum? 

It has been extraordinary. Scandal was truly a grass roots success. The ratings were respectable to begin with, but we were really discovered on Twitter. Given the exponential impact of Twitter, the fans told the mainstream media to pay attention. The press, and frankly the network, were caught by surprise. By the middle of Season Two, the show was on fire.

If there were certain Washington D.C. restaurants President Fitzgerald Grant would be sure to be found in, what would they be? 

Well, seeing as he has his own chef at the White House, I’d say he’d go to Komi or Rasika for the stuff he can’t get at home.

If there were certain New York or Los Angeles restaurants President Fitzgerald Grant would be sure to be found in, what would they be? 

In LA, Fitz would close down The Tower Bar [at the Sunset Tower Hotel] to have an intimate dinner with Olivia. In New York? He’d book a private room at Per Se.