Bellamy Young

What are some typical pre and post shoot routines?

Pre-shoot is all about a big green smoothie and maybe some yoga. After work, it’s dinner out with folks, or a nice, simple meal at home and a long walk so I can learn my lines for the next day’s work.

What’s always in your bag on set?

A Cherry Pie Larabar and a reusable container of water. I’m endeavoring to be off plastic this year at work (I always am at home). An unimaginable amount of plastic gets wasted on sets (disposable flatware and plates, plastic water bottles). I figured I’d try to lessen the impact, if only by one person.

What’s a typical lunch like on the set of Scandal?

I either bring food from home – something very simple and clean – or a few of us order delivery. I try to eat food that I can process easily and that fuels me well, because there’s nothing worse than feeling bloated or sleepy when you’re trying to do a difficult scene.

Your go-to on set snack…

Raw almonds, red grapes, maybe some dark chocolate.

Your go-to recipe for eating at home…

I’ve been vegan since 1988, and over that time, my relationship with cooking has ebbed and flowed. I am very happy to eat very simply; I love to be able to taste the incredible produce I find. I enjoy making simple harmonies from whatever is seasonal. When I have people over though, I love exploring spices. Just because a meal is plant-based doesn’t mean it can’t be a flavor power-house. Right now as we’re looking toward fall, I’m getting excited about a curried fennel, lentil and apricot stir fry, which sounds appalling, but I promise you: it’s unbelievable. I’ll have you over – you’ll see!

What’s always in your Scandal trailer fridge?

The most reliable combination known to man: hearty chunky peanut butter and a delicious artisanal jam. You just can’t go wrong there.

If you could host a dinner party in the oval office, with any five people living or dead, who would be there?

I’ve always wanted to talk to Albert Einstein, so for sure he’s there; I think Maya Angelou would be an incredible addition; Alice Waters certainly would hold her own; I’ve always had a soft spot for crazy old Buckminster Fuller, and I think Pink would bring the whole night together. You can tell that woman understands people. Of course, The Obamas, the Clintons and the Grants wouldn’t be such a bad idea either.

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*Bellamy Young, photographed at Crossroads by Danielle Kosann