Four Seasons Restaurant

Recommended by : Ben Noriega Ortiz (Designer, The Mondrian Soho), Amy Astley (Editor-in-Chief, Teen Vogue), Lisa Perry (Fashion Designer), Anna Sui (Fashion Designer)

Cuisine:Nouveau American. Price: $$$$. Location: .

This gorgeous restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel is described by designer Ben Noriega Ortiz as his favorite space in New York City. While the prices are high, this restaurant is an iconic part of the New York City landscape, and a beautiful setting for a power lunch, a cocktail or a romantic dinner. Make a Reservation at the Pool Room or the Grill Room.

“I like a cotton candy dessert in The Pool Room at The Four Seasons in New York. With your kids, that’s fun and special—a visual treat, too.” – Amy Astley (Editor-in-Chief, Teen Vogue)