Glamour x The New Potato

Sure, it’s New York Fashion Week, but we all have to eat right? We teamed up with Glamour Magazine to shoot and chat with a few designers on how they’re eating their way through NYFW. Steven Alan is no doubt a favorite among New Yorkers, with his playful collection perfect for a slew of occasions. Who knew that he can be found regularly camped out at EN Brasserie? We chatted with him at EN over sake and a number of noteworthy dishes on his eating plans for NYFW…

How do your start your day during NYFW?

Take a shower, make my daughter breakfast, and go for a run if I have time.

Your go-to spot for coffee between shows…

I’m not a coffee drinker but I do like visiting my mom at her store, Roslyn, on the Upper West Side and going for tea next door at Alice’s Tea Cup.

Your afternoon snack…

Our show is in the morning and last time we had a La Esquina catered lunch at the office.

What do you eat during late night fashion week preps?

There’s no precedent for that. It could be Indian food from the night before, or whatever happens to be in the fridge.

What’s always in your NYFW survival bag?

My iPod, headphones, and snacks. I munch on nuts and Vitamin C gummy bears.

Your go-to spot for a power lunch between shows…

Big Nick’s for burgers.

Where do cocktails happen after your show? What will you be drinking?

Our show is in the morning so if we do a La Esquina lunch again, it’ll be horchata, or hibiscus iced tea.

If you’re at Lincoln center you’re sure to do dinner at…

Café Luxembourg

If any five people could come to the celebration after your runway show, who would they be? What would you eat/drink?

In general, I find it very relaxing to spend time with my family after the show. Since I’ve been living and breathing fashion all week, I would want a non-fashion dinner with family and friends, or catch up with my business partner Tom who lives out of state and isn’t here all the time.

*Steven Alan, photographed at EN Brasserie by Danielle Kosann