Misha Nonoo

When having lunch in a designer’s showroom, it’s hard to decide what to focus on: The delicious lunch they ordered up, the incredible collection surrounding you, or – in Misha Nonoo’s case – the blond beauty behind the line. While Misha prepped for fashion week, we pillaged the studio from which she designs her New York fashion line, Nonoo, and crashed a Juice Press lunch with her and a her staff. It’s her first ever runway show (today) at New York Fashion Week, an especially timely event in light of her recent nomination as a CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist. This up-and-coming designer has got everything going for her. And either way, we don’t pass up a free bevy of dishes from Juice Press…

Describe your ideal food day…

My ideal food day is a Sunday; I often cook a roast and invite friends over for a late lunch and a good bottle of wine. I truly enjoy the process of planning a well-thought-out meal for my family and friends, from the farmers market, to the wine pairing, to distinguished table setting.

What’s your drink?

I drink peppermint tea in the morning and green tea in the afternoon. I also love water with slices of cucumber as a refreshing pick-me-up.

What would your last meal be?

Shepherd’s Pie cooked by my mother.

How do you start your day on a good note?

With a cup of tea and a kiss from husband. I also start my day with a refreshing shower using some of my favorite products. Right now, I am in love with Bobbi Brown’s Beach Body Scrub.

What are some of your healthy routines?

I try to eat healthy every day. I begin with fruit for breakfast and a Kale Salad or Vegetable Soup for lunch. I try to practice Pilates as often as possible. I also enjoy acupuncture at least once a month to help relieve stress.

What catches your eye on every menu?

Chicken Pot Pie or Shepherd’s Pie

What are your favorite places to travel to?

I adore Italy. My husband and I got married in Venice and honeymooned in Rome and Positano, so it holds special memories for me. I also love Asia, as I find the food so delicious and the culture fascinating.

What won’t you travel without?

My phone and computer. I like to stay connected to work wherever I travel.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Personal experience – from the places I’ve traveled to, to contemporary artist exhibitions I’ve seen, to the books I’ve read about historical figures from the past. My inspiration always comes from firsthand experiences. My design approach is inherently British, embracing Savile Row ideals with a deep-rooted connection to London’s history and culture. The philosophy of crafting treasured pieces rich in heritage continues to inspire my process as a designer today.

What ingredient do you consider overrated?


What ingredient are you convinced makes everything better?

Olive oil and sea salt

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