TNP Tastemakers

We all know what that 4pm feeling is like, where we crave an afternoon snack but have to toe the line between something light and something that puts us into a sugar coma for the rest of the day. That’s why here at TNP we always ask chefs, restaurateurs and tastemakers alike what their afternoon snack is. On this particularly gloomy Tuesday, you’re in luck, because we’ve rounded up our top ten afternoon snacks for you to peruse (and have this very afternoon of course). There’s both responsible and irresponsible snacking on this list, so take your pick…

1. Chelsea Leyland, International DJ: “Cheese; I’m a big fan of cheese unfortunately.” 

2. Christene Barberich, Editor-in-Chief, Refinery29: “Juice Press’ Cracko del Jacko cashews and their Love At First Sight green juice.” 

3. Hannah Bronfman, DJ/Entrepreneur: “Skinny Pop with a bit of truffle salt and red pepper flakes or Cucumber and Smoked Salmon from Russ and Daughters.”

4. Jessica Seinfeld, do it Delicious: “Right now, I’m obsessed with Brazil nuts and pomegranate seeds, or I’ll have a Kind bar if I’m on the run. And I always have some dark chocolate stashed away in my bag in case of an emergency.” 

5. Aliza Licht, DKNY PR Girl: “Ugh I’m the worst. I try NOT to have one, but my office is next to a candy store. It’s a medley of yogurt pretzels (the PR person for that one was a genius; it’s so not yogurt), licorice cherry bites and candy corns. All year round. I never change.”

6. Ty Burrell, Modern Family’s Phil Dunphy: “Doughnut…” 

7. Karlie Kloss, Model: “Something with chocolate. I absolutely love dark chocolate and cacao!”

8. Rebecca Minkoff, Fashion Designer: “A Think Thin bar – chocolate peanut bar to be specific.”

9. Elettra Wiedemann, Model, Founder of Goodness: “Cashews and a vegetable juice (my favorite combo that I discovered very recently in Miami is kale, chard, romaine lettuce, celery, ginger, lime, pear and cucumber).” 

10. Catherine McCord, Weelicious: “Popcorn. I ate it everyday after school as a kid and still do now while I work.”

*Photo by Danielle Kosann