The White Barn Inn

When Chef Jonathan Cartwright told us we’d be doing a bike tour with him, we had two responses. One was fear, and the other was awe that the hotel’s Executive Chef actually wanted to take us biking all day. I should probably preface by saying that Danielle and I are no cyclists. Seeing us cycling is a lot like seeing men play field hockey, seeing Guy Fieri and Pete Wells in a bro hug…it just ain’t pretty.

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Either way, Cartwright insisted, and by that point we were already smitten with the chef. Cartwright began as sous chef at the Inn in 1994 after a history that included other Relais & Châteaux properties like Blantyre in Lenox, Massachusetts, the Horned Dorset Primavera in Rincon, Puerto Rico and the Hotel Bareiss in the Black Forest region of Germany. He’s an incredible talent (something we’d already found out at breakfast, and would later at dinner), and turns out these talents extend to cycling and history.

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We were reluctant to cycle, but once promised drinks and lunch at Stripers in between, we were immediately on board. During our journey, Cartwright took us through the ins and outs of Kennebunkport and its history, somehow cycling, speaking and gesturing all at the same time (a phenomenon Danielle and I didn’t fully understand, as we clutched our handles like life preservers). He knew everything from what it’s like to cook for George Bush Senior all the way to how much the houses right on the water are selling for.


We toured along the ocean, through the beautiful monastery across from the Inn, then onward to The White Barn Inn’s waterfront cottages (perfect for honeymooners and casual jetsetters alike).

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Next was a tour through town, then onto the beautiful beachside strip where the Bush compound is. As we passed the gorgeous real estate, it was tempting to pretend we were shopping for homes, but our craving was instead quelled by lunch at Stripers which honestly was just as satisfying…Stay tuned for dinner.

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*Photographed by Danielle Kosann

*Accommodations provided by The White Barn Inn