The White Barn Inn

In its fortieth year, the White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport is the definition of a “romantic getaway.” After all the craziness this summer, Danielle and I were in desperate need of an escape.

Arriving at the Inn is much like arriving at a family’s house for a weekend reunion. You have that warm welcoming feeling like your coming home. As the smart team at the concierge ushered us to our “blue” and “green”suites in the May Annex, we were both struck with that sort of warm, fuzzy feeling.




Each suite’s aesthetic is based on a certain color palate, so for three days Danielle and I were ensconced in delicious worlds of blue and green. Both our rooms (in a separate carriage house quietly placed across the way from the main house) were bedecked with champagne, fresh nuts and berries. With delicious down comforters, jacuzzi tubs, beautiful marble bathrooms, and gas-burning fireplaces, these hotel suites were the kind one pictures themselves living in for a long period of time.




Is there anything as perfect as fresh white terrycloth robes and Molton Brown accoutrements as fixtures in a hotel bathroom? Especially when they renew each day. The White Barn Inn never allowed for a one-time used robe or half-full shampoo bottle to remain. Who wants a half-empty shampoo bottle in their shower…bad karma right?




Breakfast in the barn-style restaurant is a delicious buffet of sorts, a decadent menu to accompany it, with surprises of course sent out from the chef. The restaurant (to be later elaborated on in our tour through dinner) is a unique experience Danielle and I deemed the perfect spot for both a first-time weekend away or a wedding proposal.














Adjacent to our rooms was a lagoon-like pool area where you can often find the hotel’s master chef – Jonathan Cartwright – chatting with guests and joining them for champagne. As I said, the White Barn Inn is less a hotel, and more like the spot Bing Crosby and Michael Curtiz stay at in White Christmas. One can only imagine how charming this hotel would also be in the winter…an Inn for all seasons no doubt.

Notable Hot Potatoes:

Waterfront Cottages: These unbelievable cottages make up a compound the hotel created on the Kennebunk River. You can have your own home on the water in a quiet oasis. Honeymoon alert?

Spa: Yes, if you’re passionate about spa treatments you’re at the right place. With beauty treatments, body wraps and deep massages, there’s a spa director always on site to make the experience personal and never lacking in attention to detail.

Lagoon-like pool: No more than five steps from your hotel room, it’s a great spot to lay out, do work, or do laps.

The Crustacean Crawl: This lobster hunt that guests can do with Chef Jonathan Cartwright is further proof of the personal, unique treatment the hotel has to offer. Cycle (yes we said cycle, like biking) with the chef to Port Lobster, pick that’s evening’s lobster, and of course – eat.

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*Photographed by Danielle Kosann

*Accommodations provided by The White Barn Inn