Aliza Licht

Aliza Licht, Senior Vice President of Global Communications at Donna Karan and the renowned DKNY PR Girl on Twitter, was one of the first people to capitalize on social media for a fashion house. With almost half a million followers and counting, Licht has created a voice we’ve all become addicted to. Only recently did she pull back the velvet ropes and reveal that she was the fashion girl behind this ever-popular Twitter handle.

What were we immediately interested in upon discovering her true identity? What she was eating while tweeting of course! We noshed on candy corn and licorice with Licht at the DKNY offices and she answered a few questions for us on everything food and lifestyle…

Describe your ideal food day…

One that doesn’t leave me having to secretly unbutton a garment.

What’s your drink?

Cosmo pre-dinner. Red wine with dinner. Go ahead, judge.

What would your last meal be?

That giant Crumbs cupcake. I’ve always wanted to dive into that – alone.

How do you start your day on a good note?

If I can drink at least half of my coffee before the little people wake up, I feel ahead of the game. If I can drink that AND shower before they get up, I’m pretty much Wonder Woman.

What are some of your healthy routines?

I *try to go to Exhale Spa at least twice a week. I love Core Fusion because it’s real exercise that doesn’t actually involve a lot of movement. I don’t really like moving.

What catches your eye on every menu?

I love a good Roman Jewish Fried Artichoke or Burrata and Tomato. I also love the half Iceberg Wedge, although my husband gets angry at me for that one because it’s pretty much a joke that they even charge for it.

What are your favorite places to travel to?

I get bored really quickly and I need a destination with activities. You know those hotels that have no reception or TV and they boast about how it’s so relaxing, blah blah blah…I hate those places.

What won’t you travel without?

My blow dryer. Hotel blow dryers are child’s play. I need a very strong gust of wind!

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I’m a very passionate person, I enjoy being happy, enthusiastic and busy. I love seeing how much I can do in a day. Balance is very important to me. If I can work a whole day and be home in time to do homework, eat a meal together and do what we call “hug & cuddle”, I feel accomplished. I’m president of the kids’ school PA; I’m a Gemini. What more can I say?

What ingredient do you consider overrated?

Parsley. Parsley sucks. My sister actually pretends that she’s allergic to parsley because she hates it that much. People actually believe her. I mean can you even BE allergic to Parsley? But since she makes such a big deal about it,  I’ve realized that I also hate it. Why do ‘they’ think we all want it sprinkled on everything. It doesn’t taste good and it’s not even pretty!

What ingredient are you convinced makes everything better?

Duh, Cinnamon. Cinnamon is a bi-spice. It can be a foodie spice or a dessert spice. Take that Parsley!

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