brazilian cocktail recipe

By Richard Woods, Global Director of Cocktail and Spirit Development Samba Brand Management (includes Duck & Waffle and SushiSamba)

A creative take on the Brazilian classic. Fragrant Kaffir lime leaves infused in Loblon cachaça, churned with line & sugar. Served short, over crushed ice. Fragrant and powerful.

Glass: Rocks Glass

Garnish: Limes & Kaffir leaves

Ingredients: 1.5oz cachaça (infused)

1oz lime juice (1 lime squeezed)

1oz of sugar syrup. (1:1 ratio)

Method: Pour all into glass with half crushed ice. Churn ingredients. Top with more crushed ice then garnish and serve immediately.

Sugar Syrup

Pre-mix equal parts of sugar and hot water to make the syrup. Allow to chill.


If Kaffir leaves are unavailable, try using basil, sage or tarragon for an alternative. Infuse for up to 24hrs, tasting periodically for flavor.