Yuzu Gimlet

citrus cocktail recipe

By Richard Woods, Global Director of Cocktail and Spirit Development Samba Brand Management (includes Duck & Waffle and SushiSamba)

Bombay Dry gin and house-made yuzu cordial. Shaken and served straight-up.

Glass: Martini

Garnish: Large lime zest and rim of glass

Ingredients: 2 oz Gin (possibly Bombay East)

½ oz  Yuzu cordial

Method: Shake ingredients with ice and shake hard. Double strain and using a large lime zest, zest the top of the drink as well as the stem and rim of the glass, before placing the zest in the drink.


Ingredients: 1 qt Sugar syrup

6 Large limes, zested

6.7 oz Yuzu juice (unsalted)

Method: Bring syrup to the boil. Add squeezed lime zests over boiling water, stir to infuse and leave for 45 minutes. Reduce heat to medium. Add yuzu juice and stir. Allow to cool, filter, bottle, seal and refrigerate.