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We all know and love hit fashion and shopping website Refinery29. We’d also be hard-pressed to find anyone that doesn’t know the amazing female influencer at its helm, Christene Barberich. The Editor-in-Chief (and an icon in the making), Barberich has managed to steal the hearts of millions of readers, including ours. We couldn’t really pick one reason why we love her; there are simply too many. All in all the most prevalent one is that she consistently inspires – definitely the sign of a truly great EIC. That may be why we we sat with her as long as we could at Nightingale 9 – and took her to pillage Momofoku Milk Bar afterwards. It’s also why she’s the first person we’ve asked the simple question, “What is good content?” Because when you think about it, who’s more suited to answer?

What would be your ideal food day?

It’s going to sound so boring, but when I’m eating clean, I just feel happier and more grounded. Good food that’s nourishing is so much more pleasurable to me than anything else. That said though, a perfect day of summer food would definitely start with fresh local berries, brown rice toast with avocado and maybe an iced decaf Americano from Blue Bottle. Lunch would be sushi at Takahachi (I dream about their Sesame Spinach Gomae), followed by an afternoon snack of Juice Press’ Cracko del Jacko cashews and their Love At First Sight green juice. Dinner is a bowl of Nightingale 9’s Cha Ca Catfish noodles with lots of fresh dill, peanuts, and scallions. I could eat that dish every night of the week; I love it that much.

What’s your drink?

A glass of VERY cold, dry, minerally wine, maybe a Sancerre or Chablis…vineyard and year optional.

How do you start your day on a good note?

Making the bed, going running, and giving thanks.

What would your last meal be?

The likelihood is it will probably be something very unceremonious, like a peanut butter sandwich. But if I could plan, it would be Chris Bianco’s revelatory Rosa Pizza at Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix. I swear, God is in that pizza. I’m not kidding.

What are your favorite places to travel to? 

It used to be cities like Barcelona, Lisbon, and Shanghai, but now I’m more drawn to places with lots and lots of space and stillness like Palm Desert and Marfa, Texas. New Zealand is amazing too.

What won’t you travel without?

A tiny spray bottle of Neal’s Yard Rose Water, a notebook, and my oversized black Margiela cardigan.

Your go-to airport outfit…

Same Margiela cardigan, vintage Levi’s, some form of Alexander Wang T-shirt, and my new white Robert Clergerie Xizzy shoes…I heart them BIG.

Your go-to airplane snack

Kind bars and Pop Chips

Your favorite New York and Los Angeles restaurants…

In New York, it’s Rucola, Nightingale 9, Tiny’s, and Bocca Lupo; in Los Angeles, it’s Lucques, Gjelina, and M Café.

What’s your typical nightly routine?

It’s kind of boring, but usually, working a little late after the office has quieted down, a simple dinner at home with my husband, and an episode or three of The Good Wife. Maybe I’ll squeeze in some Pinning too, if I’m feeling so inclined.

Where do you draw inspiration and ideas from? How do you constantly stay relevant?

Let me just say, it’s SO HARD! But besides reading constantly, I honestly rely on our site and my editors to guide me – and our readers – to what’s important and what really matters. We actually just started a column called ‘How Not To Be Out Of It’, to help readers stay in the loop about all things lifestyle, culture, and digital, considering all the constant noise out there. In terms of inspiration, you just can’t beat a navigation-less road trip somewhere very much off the beaten path. A nowhere that’s new is what truly feeds me.

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