Feast on the Shot

Perhaps it’s the time of year – or perhaps it’s the fact that in Danielle Snyder’s (DANNIJO) interview she mentioned bringing Gregory Peck as her date to our TNP dinner party – but either way, we’re having an Audrey Hepburn kind of moment. Turns out, there’s many delectable food, drink and style scenes to pillage through once you start averaging two or three Hepburn film fixes a week (we may not be exaggerating). Take a look at our new series “Feast on the Shot” for some delicious cinematic moments…

Roman Holiday: She may play a princess in this wildly appealing romance with Gregory Peck, but before long Hepburn eludes the royals and frolics around Rome with Peck. The two do champagne, gelato, and (a favorite of ours) “cold coffee.” What is that? To us, it’s a chicer way of ordering iced coffee, but seemingly without the ice.


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Sabrina: We all sort of want our lives to follow the trajectory of Sabrina Fairchild. Gangly girl, invisible, hops off to culinary school in France and comes back the surprising, breathtaking beauty she’s always been destined to be. Is this what happens when one goes to Le Cordon Bleu? With images of Hepburn learning from french chefs and sipping daiquiris with Humphrey Bogart, we can’t get enough of the wining and dining in this classic…

audrey-hepburn-breakfast-at-tiffanys audrey-hepburn-charade audrey-hepburn-roman-holiday

Charade: The thrill of suspense in Paris; on the run with Cary Grant managing to again enjoy ice cream and cocktails along the way. Throughout the movie, Hepburn’s fugitive uniform is Givenchy…delicious getaway garb.

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Need we say more than the title? Croissants, coffee and the little black dress and pearls outside of Tiffany’s, having something mouthwatering while looking at something – well – mouthwatering. We know where our next breakfast is, where will yours be?