Nate and Oliver Appleman

Nate Appleman is a favorite of ours when it comes to all things food. But let’s forget food for a second, and think about fathers. With Father’s Day coming up Sunday, we couldn’t really get Nate Appleman’s last TNP interview a few weeks back out of our heads. It’s one thing to be an incredible chef; a mover and shaker when it comes to all things food. It’s quite another to uplift your life, career and path in food – something that Appleman did when he moved from Pulino’s in New York City to his current position as Chipotle’s culinary manager – for your son. Appleman is our personal ultimate Father this Father’s Day. Not only is he a great dad, but he also can (casually) cook up an amazing breakfast that we all wish we could have every morning. We recently dropped by Appleman’s breakfast with his son Oliver; I’d grab tissues, this one’s somewhat of a tearjerker….

Breakfast: Toast with Avocado, Eggs and Calabrian Chilies with a Kale, Cucumber, Ginger, Strawberry, Parsley and Mango Smoothie

“Everyday feels like Father’s Day for me because of the extremely close bond that Oliver and I share – which is a good thing because we have only spent the actual “Father’s Day” together twice since he was born. Food and Wine Magazine’s annual Aspen Food & Wine festival always falls on Father’s Day weekend, which I have attended a few of the years and last year I was in LA filming The Next Iron Chef. Unfortunately, this year isn’t any different. We are in LA right now for the opening of ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen and he is headed back to NYC at 6am Sunday morning to be ready for summer camp, which is starting on Monday. So, we are going to celebrate a day early. We are going to go to the farmers market in the morning and pick out a few things for our smoothie and then head to ShopHouse for Friends and Family. Saturday night we are going to go out to eat. We will probably go to Night + Market Thai or Stella Barra. He said he is paying, but I am pretty sure I will be stuck with the bill.” – Nate Appleman

*Nate & Oliver Appleman, photographed in Los Angeles by Jessica Iovine