Ben Watts

Remember the childhood pool game, Sharks and Minnows, we all used to love? Every summer, fashion photographer Ben Watts throws his own version at his famed, yearly, highly exclusive Montauk party – Shark Attack Sounds (note all the “shhhhh’s in this interview); it’s quite a hush-hush affair.

The exclusive rendezvous just got even more exciting this summer, with Watts’ recent collaboration with a favorite company of ours, Wine Awesomeness, who teamed up with Watts on a rosé that launches in New York this week. It’s all about WattsUp Rosé, served exclusively at one of our favorite summertime spots – Jimmy at The James Hotel. Just like how we aim to make food a little less “foodie,” Wine Awesomeness makes wine seem a little less stuffy and a little more…well…awesome. We chatted with Ben Watts on the Jimmy rooftop, and of course cracked open a bottle with the Wine Awesomeness team – because what are summer weekdays without a little rosé in the mix? That’s Wattsup.

Describe your ideal food day…

Lots of fruit, grilled chicken and salad with fresh tomato.

What’s your drink?

Rosé of course. All year long. Shhhhh…

What would your last meal be?


What’s the key to successful party?

The people. I like more rather than less and a good mix.

Best place to party in Montauk?

So many. I’d say The Montauket for a sunset drink. The Surf Lodge for later. The Crow’s Nest for a great meal. Hands down, a BBQ at my place though, with the DJ set up at the pool house.

Favorite place to drink WattsUp Rosé?

By the beach, by the fireplace on a cold evening…It’s all good – any place is a good place for rosé.

How do you usually start your day?

With exercise

What are your favorite places to travel to?

Tulum, Mexico, North Wales, South of France and Australia. I love Colorado too.

Where haven’t you traveled that you’re dying to go to?


Where do you go for inspiration?

Stay switched on; you will find inspiration anywhere.

What are your vices?