Ty Burrell

ty burrell modern family

What are your vices? 

I could (and do if my wife is away) have a game of some kind on TV twenty four hours a day. Play-by-play announcers are my equivalent of those soothing sound machines. They are my rainforest (name of my new album).

A few misconceptions about Salt Lake City… 

That it’s conservative. An interesting thing about being in a large concentration of people in a conservative state (as I know well from growing up in Oregon) is that the cities become enclaves for progressive politics. The last few mayors of Salt Lake City have been the most liberal mayors I’ve ever even heard of. I love the Mormons so much, actually. Much of my extended family, on my wife’s side, is Mormon and they’re some of the loveliest people I’ve ever met. But the population in Salt Lake is predominantly secular.

What are your favorite LA food spots? 

Lotería Grill, Son of a Gun, City Tavern.

What spots in LA would we most likely find Phil Dunphy? Why? 

Probably at the water park. If we’re talking food, I think Phil would probably be found in line at Pink’s in perpetuity.

Where are your favorite spots to travel? 

We like to go to Southern Utah at least once every summer. It’s pretty amazing down there. We used to live in New York so we feel lucky that we get to travel there for business so much. Outside of that we sort of follow the food. My wife went to culinary school at FCI [French Culinary Institute] so she qualifies as an actual foodie. I take her lead and it sometimes means a weekend in San Francisco but it also has meant, in the past, Italy or France. We haven’t travelled much since we’ve had kids but we’re excited about getting to Spain soon, hopefully.

What won’t you travel without? 

Shoes. I consider them a must-have.

If you’re visiting New York, where do you eat?

We love so many places in New York. In Queens there are a thousand good restaurants from around the globe. Il Bambino, Sripraphai, Kabab Café…

The food that makes you laugh and why…

Whatever I’m grilling. It’s terrible.

Your go to recipe for eating in…

Beer Can Chicken. Very hard to screw up (I still have).

What’s a typical dinner table scene in the Burrell household?

Food everywhere and my wife is the only clean one.

Do your own family experiences transfer over to Modern Family? 

Not really, though I do follow Mitch and Cam’s story lines with more interest now that I have little ones.

If you could have a dinner party with any five people living or dead, who would be there? What jokes would you tell? 

My dad, my uncle Rod, and all three of my grandparents. I think the world they’ve been missing would be funny enough.

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