Hilary Rhoda

It’s no surprise that top model Hilary Rhoda makes for a very easy photo shoot. We decided to make one of her favorite New York restaurants – L’artusi – look even more beautiful than it already does by photographing her inside. We chatted with Rhoda on all things food – and we couldn’t really think of a better person to help kick off our revamped site. Turns out the model’s favorite day of the week is Wednesday – probably because that’s when The New, New Potato came to your computer screens…

Describe your ideal food day…

My weakness is having a chocolate croissant for breakfast with my coffee. I don’t typically have a big breakfast. If I’m on a shoot with amazing catering I love to try a little bit of everything. On my off days I’ll just have a big salad with chicken and lots of veggies. For dinner I usually eat out with my friends or family. My favorite cuisines are Mexican and Italian!

What’s your drink?

Only drink water throughout the day, and love a glass of Sauvignon Blanc at night.

What would your last meal be?

Any Peruvian dish. It’s the perfect comfort food and so flavorful.

How do you start your day on a good note?

I like to wake up early, before the morning rush of people commuting to work. I wake up early enough to give myself at least an hour before I have to leave my apartment, so I can have my cup of coffee, read the paper, and have that time to myself before the craziness of the day starts.

What catches your eye on every menu?

I am big on sharing plates when I go out to dinners so that I can try lots of different things on the menu. Pasta is always the first thing I look at, and then I check out the sides.

What are your favorite places to travel to?

Anywhere with a beach and some sunshine! That never gets old.

What won’t you travel without?

My music and my Estée Lauder hydrationist cream

What ingredient do you consider overrated?


What ingredient are you convinced makes everything better?


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