Five Things We’re Loving Right Now

Spring is upon us and it calls for a curation of some of our favorite product picks to go with the season. Whether it’s an on-the-go blue print juice, or a tenth ring from New York’s new Brooklyn jewelry obsession – Catbird, there’s no better way to get into the season than with some product pick-me-ups. Here are the five things we’re thinking about this week…

1. Blue Print [Lemon, Cayenne and Agave] –Blue Print, need we say more? We’re happy and somewhat ashamed to say they’re an obsession of ours (don’t worry – not as a meal); especially the lemon, cayenne and agave which is an ideal lemonade. Splash it in with Ketel One and you have the perfect springtime cocktail!

2. Beer – When it starts to get warm, even us girls love a cold one!

3. Marie Belle Chocolates – With BBQ and dinner party season gearing up, these playful chocolates are the perfect gift for the host or hostess. We guarantee they’ll be a hit.

4. Nespresso – The Nespresso machine is our new coffee go-to, brewing up delicious espressos you can put over ice in the spring, or ice cream for some serious gelato affogato!

5. Catbird – We (like all of New York) love this jewelry store’s bevy of rings, bracelets, and necklaces. With how light and delicate they are, they’re the perfect poolside accessories.

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