The Smile

Recommended by : Dana Veraldi (Deer Dana), Todd Selby (Owner, The Selby), Jessica Alba (Actress), Athena Calderone (Interior Designer), Rachel Comey (Fashion Designer), Meghan Markle (Actress), Samantha Duenas (DJ So Super Sam), Kaelen Haworth (Fashion Designer), John Jannuzzi (Senior Digital Editor, GQ), Reece Solomon (Handbag Designer), Molly Sims (Model), Roopal Patel (Founder/Owner, Roopal Patel Consulting), Jonathan Groff (Actor), Jennifer Morrison (Actress), Vanessa Traina (Co-Founder, The Line), Becca Parrish (Founder, BeccaPR), Jason Wu (Designer), JJ Totah (Actor)

Cuisine:American, Nouveau American. Price: . Location: .

This cozy spot is all the rage right now when it comes to the Lower East Side hipster crowd. It manages to completely avoid being sceney though, with an unassuming wood-ensconced atmosphere that you have to go down a flight of steps to get to. If you want to eat out but feel like you’re eating a homemade meal in someone’s home – this is the spot for you. Make a Reservation.

Menu Recommendations: Peanut butter and Jelly Cookies – Todd Selby (Owner, The Selby)

“The Smile has the best chocolate chip cookies in the city. The giant ones with the big salt.” – John Jannuzzi (Senior Digital Editor, GQ)