Angel’s Share

Recommended by : Kelly Carambula (The Best Remedy), Salvatore Tafuri (Mixologist, Circolo), Mike Doyle (Actor), Natasha Lyonne (Actress)

Cuisine:Japanese/Sushi, Live Music, Lounge. Price: $$. Location: .

A drinking lounge tucked inside a Japanese restaurant that’s hard to find – what could be more East Village? The cocktails are amazing, and perfect for mixology enthusiasts and liquor connoisseurs. The vibe is Eastern hemisphere speakeasy…so to speak.

“I love Angel’s Share in the East Village. It’s a tiny little bar tucked inside a Japanese restaurant on the second floor. The cocktails are incredible! They do classics perfectly, but they also have amazing original cocktails that have really cute descriptions with them. Watching the bartenders make and pour the drinks is perfect entertainment for me.” – Kelly Carambula (Blogger, The Best Remedy)