John Seymour and Sam Saleh

Williamsburg has a new chicken and waffles joint – Sweet Chick – a welcome comfort food spot just a stone’s throw from the L train. Owners John Seymour and Sam Saleh are one of those appealing Brooklyn male restaurateur duos (like Daniel and Michael of The Meatball Shop, or Krystof and Josh of Maison Premiere) that food sites are always crushing on. We dropped by Sweet Chick to shoot some dishes, have a chat and crush some more…

How would you define the cuisine at Sweet Chick?

JS: American comfort with a Southern twist, and a Harlem shake.

SS: Classic American, with a Southern accent.

Any restaurant neighbors on the block you’re worried about?

SS: That’s why we love Brooklyn – we’re all friends here.

JS: Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way…(lyrics from a Biggie song, painted on our bar)

Why American cuisine with a Southern accent? How does that come through in the food?

SS: Because who doesn’t LOVE comfort food?

JS: We want our customers to feel welcome and at home – serving recognizable dishes “our” way – and nobody does hospitality better than the South. I think it comes through in our whole vibe; our food is the main event, but we want to show you an all around experience of comfort and a good time!

How much did you have to do with the design?

SS: Pretty much everything, from how we wanted the bar and tables built to what you see hanging on the walls, to the look and feel of the storefront. John was hands on – hammering, painting…

JS: I sourced all the materials from local neighborhoods, and had a screw gun attached to my hand for about two months.

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