Stumptown Coffee

Recommended by : Seamus Mullen (Chef/Owner, Tertulia), Glenn Harris (Co-Owner, The Smith), Cindi Leive (Editor-in-Chief, Glamour), Chad King (A Great Big World), Jon Glaser (Comedian)

Cuisine:Coffee & Tea. Price: $. Location: .

We love Stumptown’s branding as much as we love their coffee. Each crafted cup is almost painful to throw out, rather than the burnt coffee-stained Starbucks cups you see strewn all over the city. This local coffee shop also sources to some of our favorite restaurants around the city, and their blends are treated more as artistry as is their packaging.

“I love the Hair Bender blend from Stumptown.” – Seamus Mullen (Chef/Owner, Tertulia)