Pok Pok

Recommended by : Seamus Mullen (Chef/Owner, Tertulia), Doug Quint (Co-Founder/Co-Owner, Big Gay Ice Cream Truck), Erin Heatherton (Model), Morgan Saylor (Actress)

Cuisine:Thai, Vietnamese. Price: $$. Location: .

Pok Pok doesn’t take reservations, they will however point you in the direction of other spots you can go to if you can’t get seated. Why? Because they don’t really need your business- their food is that good. The aesthetic is that of the little outdoor restaurants you’d find in the outskirts of Vietnam or Thailand – with mouth-watering Thai food that seriously can’t be beat.

“For dinner I want wings from Pok Pok. Three orders of them.” – Doug Quint (Co-Founder/Co-Owner, Big Gay Ice Cream Truck) on his ideal food day