Peter Luger

Recommended by : David Barton (David Barton Gym), Todd Mitgang (Chef/Owner, Crave Fishbar), Terrance Brennan (Chef/Owner, Picholine), Martha Plimpton (Actress)

Cuisine:Steakhouse. Price: $$$$. Location: .

Peter Luger is where most would go for the classic New York porterhouse. With a truly classic steakhouse aesthetic, and the best meat cuts money can be – it’s not wonder it’s been around for 125 years. This is a classic spot for family dinners, a splurge on your grandparents, or a visit if you’re coming in from out-of-town.

“A cheeseburger from Peter Luger on an onion roll; it’s only available at lunch. It’s hard to find something more satisfying then a proper burger.” – Todd Mitgang (Chef/Owner, Crave Fishbar)

“My most decadent (splurge) is a hamburger at Peter Luger. They only do it at lunchtime; that’s my favorite splurge.” – David Barton (David Barton Gym)