JG Melon

Recommended by : Francois Payard (Chef/Owner, Payard), Kim Kassel (Suite 1521), Aurelie Bidermann (Jewelry Designer), Lisa Perry (Fashion Designer), Brett Heyman (Fashion Designer), Joe Schildhorn (BFA)

Cuisine:American, Hamburgers. Price: $$. Location: .

Now, every chef is putting everything on their burgers to the point where the burger is so thick there’s no such thing as eating it with your hands anymore. The classic New York mainstay – JG Melon – is the spot for a throwback. The food brings you back to a time when burgers were just the very BEST execution of a pattie, pickle, and maybe some cheddar cheese if you’re feeling dangerous. Classic cocktails like martinis and bloody marys should be a go-to there as well.

“If you want a burger, JG Melon is the place to go.” – Francois Payard (Chef/Owner, Payard)

“JG Melon, on the Upper East Side, has a great old school vibe and serves the best burgers in the city.” – Aurelie Bidermann (Jewelry Designer)