Ample Hills Creamery

Recommended by : Cara Eisenpress (Big Girls Small Kitchen), Jamie Rosen (Beauty Director, Town and Country)

Cuisine:Dessert/Ice Cream. Price: $$. Location: .

Ample Hills is a delicious creamery in Brooklyn that serves up innovative, homemade ice cream. With flavors like salted crack caramel, stout n pretzels, and chocolate milk and cookies, there’s not much that can go wrong here.

“Dessert is ice cream – right now from Ample Hills in my neighborhood in Brooklyn.” – Cara Eisenpress (Big Girls Small Kitchen)

“My husband recently accused me of wanting to move to Brooklyn so we could be near Ample Hills Creamery. So I would have a scoop of their honeycomb flavor with him and our two sons.” – Jamie Rosen (Beauty Director, Town and Country) remarking on her ideal dessert.