Emilio’s Ballato

Recommended by : John DeLucie (Chef, The Lion), Kim Stolz (Co-Owner, The Dalloway), Danielle Snyder and Jodie Snyder Morel (DANNIJO), Sean Largotta (Crown Group Hospitality), Katie Lee (Host, The Kitchen), Ramya Giangola (Fashion Consultant), Joe Schildhorn (BFA)

Cuisine:Italian. Price: $$. Location: .

This Italian spot has been around since 1956, and is the kind of spot we’d like to imagine had some mafia business go down. A rare change from refined Italian, twists on Italian, reinventions of Italian (and all the other things New York chefs are doing with Italian food now), Ballato definitely strikes a classic tone. It’s no wonder John DeLucie named it the restaurant that will never go out of style.