Del Posto

Recommended by : Michael Chiarello (Chef/Owner, Bottega), Sarabeth Levine (Chef/Owner, Sarabeth’s), Jonathan Waxman (Chef/Owner, Barbuto), Amirah Kassem (Baker/Owner, Flour Shop), Vinny Dotolo (Co-Chef/Co-Owner, Son of a Gun), Johnny Iuzzini (Pastry Chef)

Cuisine:Italian. Price: $$$$. Location: .

The sprawling atmosphere of Del Posto reminds us of a modern day ballroom – when you walk up (or down) the escalating staircase that runs through the center of the restaurant, you feel as though someone should be announcing you. To top it off, this gem from restaurateurs Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich gives customers the ultimate dining experience with amazing Italian in an incredible, sleek, grand setting. The $115 for five courses is well worth the expense, as is the prix fixe lunch that is a favorite of Sarabeth Levine of Sarabeth’s. Make a Reservation.

“If I have a meeting and want to do a nice lunch, I’ll go to Del Posto. They have a fantastic prix fixe lunch where you can sit for two hours. In that case I don’t mind sitting for a long time at all.” – Sarabeth Levine

“I do adore Del Posto.” – Jonathan Waxman